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“If your ACTIONS inspire others to DREAM more, LEARN more, Do more and BECOME more…you are a great LEADER.”


Joined: April 2011

Board (current): President

Board (past): Vice President 

Committees: Polished Professional \ Scholarship 

Awards: Top Ten Designate


Company: Johnson Pest Control

Job Title: Owner 

Type of Company: General Termite and Pest Control

Started in: 1984

Phone #: 865-453-7587

Email: tammysj@me.com

I joined ABWA in April 2007. As a small business owner, I wanted to get more involved in the community. I found the Smoky Mountain Sevier Chapter to be a circle of women who would “have my back” if I am ever in need. I particularly was interested in the scholarship giving part of the group. I enjoy providing educational opportunities to women and felt I could help in this area. I have been the Professional Development Chair for at least 4 years and have been the planner/organizer for the group’s annual business seminar, The Polished Professional and special event, the Business Image Makeover. Education is one of my passions and I am very happy to help our Chapter in this area.


Joined: March 2014

Board (current):  Vice President 

Board (past):  Secretary

Awards: 2018 Woman of the Year 


Company: Comcast Spotlight

Job Title: Account Executive

Type of Company: Cable Television Advertising

Started In: Jan 2012

Phone #: 865-850-1976

Email: theresa_trentham@cable.comcast.com

I have been a member on and off for many years. My obligations as a mother kept me from staying committed each year. I have stayed active in many of ABWA’s events in the community throughout the years. I became an active member again Feb. 2014 and have made the commitment as Secretary. I can see the benefit of growing professionally through the many classes ABWA offers. I have made many professional and personal connections in this chapter. The relationships I have formed through the years and very heart felt and remain strong today.

Robin Jones


Joined: September 2010

Board (current): Secretary

Board (past): President  


Company: Holland Floor Covering \ Mimi's Glen's \ Sevier County High School

Job Title: Owner of both Company's \ Educator

Type of Company: Flooring Services \ Children's Boutique

Phone#: 865-428-4885

Email: michaelrobinjones@yahoo.com

Jeannie Allen


Joined: March 1982

Board (current): Treasurer

Board (past): President \ Vice President \ Secretary

Committees: Fundraising \ Publicity \ Program \ Membership \ Woman of the Year \ Boss of the Year now Business Associate of the Year \ Scholarship \ Audit & Professional Development

Awards: Woman of the Year (3 times) \ Sevier Chapter Top Ten Candidate to National (1 time)


Company: Log Cabin Pancake House

Job Title: Business \ Operations Manager

Type of Company: We are a family restaurant in Gatlinburg, specializing in breakfast

Started in: May 2016


Joined: February 2014

Board (present): Assistant Treasurer

Board (past): Treasurer 

Committees: Fundraising \ Newsletter

  Awards: Women of the Year \ Business Associate of the Year


Company: Gatlinburg Event Center

Job Title: Manager

Type of Company: A beautiful event center that is built on top of a mountain ridge facing Le Conte Mtn and Greenbriar Mtn

Started In: Nov 2017

Phone #: 865-850-3742

Email: sherricwebbsmsabwa@gmail.com