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Whether if your an employee or a business owner we wanted to create a page where we can share ideas that will help you grow professionally.

Tip# 1: Start

Begin your YouTube journey by watching popular videos. Ask yourself a question: Why does this video hit the market?

Copy the ingredients for a successful video that prevails on the web. Do not forget to fill out your details for your profile on YouTube. It is important that you highlight your contact details and what you can possibly offer to your audience – Both to be informative, but also encourage SEO.

Tip# 2: Manage

Manage what you have started.

Use the Google Keyword Tool by including keywords in the title, tags, and most importantly, in the description. In short, use keywords to attract a wider viewership.

Be careful in using keywords though so as not to confuse your readers. Make sure that these keywords really speak for the content of your videos.

Tip# 3: Add the URL in description

To do this, be sure the URL includes the “https://” at the beginning.  Encourage people to connect with you and list your social profile links in the description of your videos.  The “https://” makes the link clickable and it will instantly direct them to your chosen web pages.

Tip# 4: Regularity

Consistently post your videos on your social media channels.  It is the key to effectively building your YouTube channel. Promote your videos to get more visibility on other social media platforms.

You can also ask your professional contacts to share your videos in their blogs, or better yet, send in emails for better awareness.

Tip# 5: Try

Try using great images to capture the interest of viewers.  In turn, this will lead them to take watch, like, click, and share. Curiosity will encourage people visit your channel. Clever imagery is most likely to capture the attention of viewers, especially if it has relevance and connection to your social ads or other brand videos.

Tip# 6: Enhance

Use catchy titles to draw target viewers to your video.

If the keyword is affiliate marketing, try an interesting title like: “Affiliate Marketing Is Easy as ABC,” or, “Affiliate Marketing 101.”

Establish your reputation as a reliable video marketer so that people will be looking for your videos, and also find your videos in search.

Tip# 7: Research

Yes, your videos should be informative and entertaining.  At the same time, make sure you deliver what your viewer expects from the title and description, which is how they found your video.

Always be thinking: What can I offer to them?