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Becoming a member of ABWA  – the leading organization for working women and women business owners – provides you with exclusive access to a comprehensive online learning and communication tool as well as a community of members across the country.

As a member of ABWA, you will be part of an organization making certain that women continue to move forward, understand new technology, embrace new concepts and improve their leadership skills.

Learning modules available through the Women’s Instructional Network (WIN) make ABWA your 24/7 online career coach.  Through WIN, you can connect with a network of working women across the county.


Our diverse membership includes women and men from many businesses – corporate, small business, and the self-employed.

You will be a member of ABWA Smoky Mountain Sevier League (locally) & the National ABWA organization

Its up to you, it can be as little or as much as you want. Obviously the more you join in the more you will get out of it & make life long friends along the way.

Every 3rd Thursday on the Month we have local meetings. Once a month we have a Social Event (or group activity). You can also volunteer when we help out other local non-profit organizations. Even the Board meeting are open for anyone to come.

NO, we want to get to know you in a fun & active environment.

Local: $25 \ National: $115 (it’s not required but you do get benefits)

Local & National: only once a year


We know that you are special & everyone has something to give that can be inspiring to others.

Join ABWA to Connect, Learn, and Grow! Membership opens many professional growth opportunities while keeping you connected to the largest network of working women in the country. You’ll benefit from leadership training, professional development, networking opportunities, and more.


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